Pet Sitting


We take care of your pets with quality services and a real love and care of pets!

- Follow their customary routine and diet

- Regular scheduled monthly cleanings

- Avoid exposure to illness from other animals

- Last minute "let out service"

- Receive loving individual attention

- Low-stress alternative to boarding

- Safe, reliable and consistent care

- Convenience and flexibility


Going out of town? Long days at work? Last minute service?


We are a "total solutions provider" to pet owners who need care for their pets and homes when they as owners are unavailable.

Caring for your loved ones is very important to you and that applies no less to your family pets. Although pet travel is becoming easier with pet-friendly hotels, at times it is impossible to take your pet along. Fortunately, you have options such as a dog kennel, a neighbour or friend visiting your pet in your home, or a professional pet sitting service. We provide you with the comfort of knowing that your pet will be cared for in its own surroundings, without the stress it would experience in being kenneled in an unfamiliar location. Whether for a week-long vacation, a weekend away or just working late at the office one evening, you can rely on us to care for your pet and look after your home when you can't. We pride ourselves by providing high quality, in-home pet services. You can leave home with peace of mind knowing that you've left your house and pets in good hands.


Regular Cleaning
Move in / move out
Post Construction
One time Cleaning


Puppies / Dogs / Kittens / Cats
Sporadic Non-Consistent Walks
Overnight Pet Sits
Small and Furry, Fish and Birds


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